Trainers & Instructors

Meet our certified group fitness instructors and personal trainers. Each instructor and trainer would be happy to help you in meeting your health and wellness goals. All fitness classes are included in your membership or available for a $5 drop in fee. Your first fitness class with us is FREE!  We also have personal training rates available. For more information please email Krista Hazeslip .

Sonia Kyzer - Fitness Instructor                                                           Cheryl Breedlove- Fitness Instructor

Krista Hazeslip - Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer                           Kim Perschbacher- Fitness Instructor             

 Shelby Glover- Fitness Instructor                                                         

Renee Stogner- Fitness Instructor     

Brittany Allman-Tucker- Fitness Instructor     

 Melissa Minard- Fitness Instructor     

Jessica Cookro- Fitness Instructor       

Lisa Rowe- Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer                                           

Marsha Johnston- Fitness Instructor                                                                 

Dusty Abston- Fitness Instructor                                                                     

Kristy McElroy- Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer                                          

 Karen Simmons- Fitness Instructor, Busy Bee Instructor                    

 Angela Fortson- Fitness Instructor 

  Joy Rogers- Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer

   Laura Kohler- Fitness Instructor                                                                                                                

 Kristy Stewart- Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer

 Alyssa Majeske- Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer 

 Amanda Perry- Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer                              

 Laura Kohler- Fitness Instructor                                                      

 Lavina Thomas- Fitness Instructor

 Misti Flynn- Fitness Instructor                                                                

David McNair- Personal Trainer